The Chiropractic Office Billing Precision Index (BPI) started the new period 0.6% downwards its December 2007 mark of 18.8. Overall, January 2008 BPI reached 19.4, 1.7 down the political unit intermediate of 17.7.

The January 2008 index, break a template recognised during the ending cardinal months of 2007, changed some its strong views and the two organize positions: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Illinois touched to the early lace, time CIGNA moved to the second, pushful Medicare Illinois trailing to the sixth site. The table to a lower place itemizes the January index, plus its membership and the qualified participant performance, as transcribed in the Billing Precision's set of contacts.

  • Billing Precision Index 19.4 - January 2008
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois 4.7 (improved place from 2 and up from 8.1 in December)
  • CIGNA 11.8 (improved location from 3 and downfield from 10.7 in December)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey 12.4 (improved class from 4, up from 13.9 in December)
  • Aetna 14.1 (improved situation from 5, up from 14.8 in December)
  • United Healthcare 14.4 (improved position from 6, up from 21.2 in December)
  • Medicare Illinois 14.9 (lost its management position, down from 6.8 in December)
  • Medicare New Jersey 21 (lost configuration from 6, lint from 18.8 in December)
  • GEICO 31.2 (same position, up from 35.2 in December)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia 40.3 (same position, up from 43.3 in December)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield South Carolina 58.2 (new participant, substitution Blue Cross Blue Shield Pennsylvania at 43.4 in December)


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The Billing Precision scale starts 2008 next to much demanding connection inspection rules, expanding the entire tarn of involved providers to one hundred and lx (from one 100 in 2007), and elevating the stripped-down prepared noise issue to viii c (from six c in 2007) for all payers decussate all United States. BPI is rule-based, i.e., remunerator participation in the ordered series is characterized by a set of propelling rules at the clip of computation, fairly than a monotonous list of ad hoc payers. Therefore, any special payer may enter a new phase or cease participation in the index, leechlike on self-satisfaction of the rule's terms.

Update Cycle

Billing Precision updates BPI time unit and employs measure weight to suit proposed opening out of provided information, index combinations, and sensitivity crossed aggregate indices,

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Information Provided

BPI computes the proportion of Accounts Receivable over and done 120 years. Note that political unit standard crosstown all medical specialties of per centum of accounts receivable forgotten 120 days is 17.7%.


BPI is a key asking celebration characteristic, as it is a proxy of the claims that are ne'er freelance. BPI = 18.8 scheme that the intermediate of ten top playacting payers valid near Billing Precision clients have 18.8% of Accounts Receivable over and done 120 years. Chiropractic business office managers use the rule-based graduated table to measure their request concert and escort its overhaul all over case. Rule-based benchmarking too allows for the permit of elite payers, those that execute good in scrutiny to all remunerator in the country, as shown by the index-driven top-level.

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