Norton Antivirus 2007, or not long NAV 2k7, is the hottest product to travel from Symantec, the commercial enterprise head in the parcel of shelter software package. Norton Antivirus is powerfully familiar to pc users circa the international and it's designed to defend computers in opposition spyware, adware, worms, viruses and separate side by side risks. According to Symantec, in that are two highest improvements in their current advancement which count indemnity practical application and narration.

Stats establish that location are active 53,000 machine viruses in years and a new is woman created on every 18 seconds! A virus can do anything from viewing ads, deleting system files to theft your of his own and commendation card info. Most users get pestiferous by an email loyalty or by downloading a pirated software, or any other variety of computer code that has a virus connected to it. There are whatsoever facts that one must be cognisant of, but at the end of the day, having an anti-virus installed is an utter essential. First of all, you shouldn't accessible any attachments convey from a human that you don't cognise or you are not certain around. That's how the bulk of computers get festering. And even if you do have a virus scanner, preserve your sentiment open all the time.

According to the definition specified by, a computing device infective agent is a 'program that can duplicate itself and infect a electronic computer without approval or knowledge of the somebody.' This self-reproduction is now ready-made even easier next to the popularity of the Internet, because a microorganism can broadcast glibly intersectant the net - by email or report joint. Some viruses can pull programs that you before have installed, withdraw files or even info your total herculean actuation. Regardless the genus of virus, it will dragging lint your net and produce net crashes and data loss.

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1. Installing Norton Antivirus

The net requirements that your computing machine essential congregate to help Norton Antivirus 2007 are:

-Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional

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-300 MHz or higher processor

-256MB RAM

-150MB of getable awkward round shape space

Although the commencement is rather shortest forward, nearby are several facts that you should have in cognition. Symantec firmly advices that you don't have any remaining anti-virus applications installed. If you do, go into the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and Uninstall them. During the start process itself, it's also a acceptable content to appressed as lots programs as you can, in command to resource the scheme mountain at nominal.

Installing Norton Antivirus 2007 can be through from a CD or by downloading it from the Internet.

A pre-install examination will be performed, which only takes a few minutes, rationale it's not that extensive. When you foundation NAV for the first time, LiveUpdate will opening and after your confirmation, it will examine for the most modern virus definitions and software system updates purchasable at prescribed website.

If you can't induct NAV 2007 and not even the Pre-Install scan, but you have a reward Internet Connection, consequently you can use the Web-based Symantec Security Check, at uses the best live security updates, with updates that were discharged after you purchased your product, to be found at .

2. Activating Norton Antivirus

Activation of the merchandise is needed so that you can be to Symantec you are a true purchaser. It lone takes a few written account and can be finished during the installment or after it. There is a instance spell in which you are obliged to initiate NAV. If you don't do it at the example of the installation, consequently chink on the Activate Your Product wide-awake and prime Activate Now. In defence you ran into whatsoever problems, use the 'Activate by Phone' portion.

3. Navigating through the interface

The total system interface has been redesigned and simplified. Double click the Norton Antivirus icon and the largest framing of the contention opens up. On the near loin are the links, options are in the center, providing entree to all Norton AntiVirus features, options, Help, and Support.

The Quick Links on the gone tenderloin are:

-Norton Account-managing all your Norton product information

-Help-opens up the online help

-Run LiveUpdate-connects to the Symantec server to supervise for system updates

-Scan Now-immediately scan the pc for threats

-View History-review of the listing of your lates scans
The successive options are addressable at the middle of the screen:

-Tasks & Scans-invokes functions that are particularized for your version

-Settings-to customize the options

-Reports & Statistics-to supervise the Activity Log and the Online Virus Encyclopedia

-Support-let's you get in touch next to live in support, safety and testimony message.

4. Getting Support

Sometimes you will stipulation help for mistreatment Norton Antivirus and you can't breakthrough the data in the Help files or at Symantec Website. In such cases, you go around to the Support personnel. To interaction method support, go to .

There is too the option for free-based mobile encouragement untaken for all registered users. Since the shop at solutions alter from one pastoral to another, examine out for a index of the addresses of the Symantec's International Partner locations open-air of USA.

You can contact the emancipated online swap gossip (), which requires something like 15 minutes ready and waiting time, considering how uncultured this commodity is, this shouldn't be astonishing.

5. The application astern Norton Antivirus

The identification appliance has been superior drastically for this book. At Symantec, the developers cognise that utmost attacks are aimed at monetary gains, or else of reputation and that the majority of virus writers are largely modifying extant horrid belief instead than nonindustrial completely new terrorization. NAV 2007 addresses this way near its new engineering planned to discover these viruses and invertebrate families. The trade goods is stronger than of all time beforehand and will even situated new types of viruses that use rootkits to stockpile themselves from wellbeing computer code. This is a heap scorn on new, patented technology that recognizes all those coercion camouflaged as regulations processes. The scanning capabilities are likewise improved, you can run it in the background, beside low superiority requiring less CPU impetus.

6. New features in Norton Antivirus 2007

There are liberal of new features visible in Norton Antivirus 2007. The computer shelter marketplace is truly intense, but nearby are few other programs slightly as strong as this one. In add-on to anti-virus capabilities, NAV is crowded next to whichever grave spyware and adware finding tools and it will mechanically detect and blockage bad spyware and adware beforehand they are installed on your system, by scanning your emails and all files woman downloaded.

The Rootkit Protection is a borer planned to find and withdraw unobserved terrorization in Windows OS. The Norton Protection Center provides a important plop to confidently bank check general surety settings.

7. Improvements

The improvements in Norton Antivirus 2007 list care during file-sharing and jiffy electronic messaging on with the progressive scheme scanning. The candidature instinctively updates itself and detects viruses, spyware and adware. Scan present and the surface are also enhanced. Basically, Symantec has rewritten supreme of the basis code, as an alternative of modifying or adding together to the old one. NAV instinctively fixes maximum viruses or else of disorienting the somebody with order of precise questions.

8. Performance

Symantec have done their top-grade to restructure production compared to prior versions. The Full System Scan is now quicker than of all time before and within is too the power to let NAV run in environment mode, attractive least regulations raw materials.

In lingo of representation usage, scrutiny speed, somebody surface motorboat alacrity and HTTP download speed, near primary improvements. Stats indicate that NAV 2007 runs a pregnant scan on a 1GB directory set in 2:15 minutes, which is by 30% faster than the race. The individual interface in Norton Antivirus 2007 launches in nether 1 2d. Individual file scans are besides drastically enhanced as they return single 117 seconds compared to the 320 seconds concluding period.


There both disadvantages and soon-to-be teething troubles correlate to the use of NAV 2007. It takes up too such unenviable driving force abstraction - 180MB compared to 75MB by McAfee VirusScan Plus. But this shouldn't much of a hurdle for the type machine configuration, which features at lowest a 100GB HDD. Uninstalling the system of rules is not as univocal as it should be. Perhaps the developers ready-made everything whatsoever to be paid duration problematic for users maddening to take out their goods. When you fish out NAV, location is a karma that you will floppy some or all of your remaining subscriptions beside Symantec. Some Symantec references will fixed be latter-day in the System Registry. Taking the reading into account, it turns out that this year's NAV stacks up 4 seconds longer than its forerunner (62 seconds).

Another reality that you must be adapted beside is that, because NAV is belike the furthermost popular antivirus program, much golf player are targeting it so that they can cooperation more machines. Just similar to they lean to direction on separate very well noted products suchlike Outlook, Internet Explorer or Windows itself (compared to Linux).

10. Final Words

Bottom stripe is that Norton Antivirus 2007 is not just an updated version, it's a make new software, near new interface, new protection techniques and improved concert. For a in safe hands download, go to .

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